Friday 8th October by Isla and Darcy

Date: 8th Oct 2021 @ 11:57am


We have continued to observe the caterpillars which are now in the chrysalis stage. They have grown a lot this week. We interviewed some of our class mates to get their thoughts on the caterpillars and how they are changing. 

Jemima Hall:
“The fact that they were making webs was most interesting. I found it quite Interesting to watch them grow. The stages were fun to see. Chrysalis was the funnest stage. I felt interested and looked forward to seeing them in butterfly form. Red admirals because they are a very common breed of butterfly. Cabbage moths are my favourite type of (butterfly.) Different breed nextime if we do it again, and name them. I quite enjoyed drawing the butterfly’s.”
Mrs Watkins
“There is so much I did not know about the process of change. We are learning about lifecycles and I wanted everyone to actually witness what happens. No I’m not afraid of the caterpillars. I expect that they will leave at different times.”

Rainforest art

For art this school term we are going to do some rainforest leaf printing. So far we have been collecting leaf samples to see all of the different leaf colours. We have started to do colour mixing using blue and yellows to create different shades of green.

Harvest Festival

For this year's harvest we are starting harvest festival up again and we are going to be singing and going to church. The songs we are going to sing are the The Harvest Samba, The Harvest Hymn,  So Strong and more. 

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