Greys class 14th February

Date: 13th Feb 2020 @ 9:25pm

We have arrived at the halfway point for this year and the time has well and truly flown by!


We began the term learning all about Toys and Games and are now enjoying finding out  about weather all around the world, which is turning out to be rather fascinating and we will be continuing with this after half term.


In Maths the Year 1s have been measuring with cubes and finding the difference between two amounts. Moving on from fractions the Year 2s have been adding and subtracting 2 digit numbers and have spent lots of time this week reading the time on our analogue classroom clock. Well done to all of those Year 2s in particular who are challenging themselves with this. I don’t think we’ve ever had so many time checks in Greys class!


In Literacy we wrote shape poems about different types of weather and also created factfiles about polar bears or penguins. We particularly enjoyed watching the clip of the ninja polar bear hunting the seal and also pretended to be penguins huddling together to keep warm. Many thanks for your amazing homework it really helped us think about how these animals adapt to life in such a cold climate. We created our own Arctic landscapes and now have them on display in the classroom.

In Music we formed our own orchestra and have been fiding out about music vocabulary. We discovered that tempo means speed at which music is played and dynamics in music is about how loud or quiet the music is played.

Last week in DT we created different 3d shapes out of play doh and tested them to see which was the most stable. This week after testing a pyramid, cube and cylinder made from paper to see how they stable they were, we were extremely surprised that only one of us guessed that the cylinder would be the most stable. We then worked in pairs to create 3 different types of cylinder and  tested their strength and stability by balancing books on them. Some of us got very excited with the results of this as we were so surprised to see how many books some of the cylinders could hold. It was a great actviity and there was lots of evaluation about our results.

Homework for half term is to keep a weather diary. As some of us are going away this week we thought it would be interesting to compare the weather in the different parts of the UK, Europe and a few further afield destinations too.


PE next term will be on Mondays and Wednesdays .


Show and Tell will be about the Weather or for those who didn’t have the opportunity to bring something in for Toys and Games they may do this if they wish.


Tuesday – Amelie


Wednesday – Arthur


Thursday – Islay


Friday – Thea


Have a fabulous half term!


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