Greys class 3rd December 2021

Date: 3rd Dec 2021 @ 3:16pm

This week we have been busy practising the Nativity play and on Thursday morning we walked down to the Church to practise there, which was very exciting. Thank you to everyone who sent in the costumes and has spent time practising lines, it has made such a difference and the children are looking forward to performing live next week.


Can we please have all costumes in school on Monday for the dress rehearsal.


Apologies for the cancellation of the trip this week, but rest assured that it has been rearranged to a date in February as we already have one trip planned for January.


In Maths we continued our work with shapes and focussed more on 3d shapes this week. The Year 1s were naming the shapes and sorting them according to different properties, whilst the Year 2s were counting their faces and edges, which proved a lot trickier than they first thought and it definitely helped having some real 3d shapes to help.


In PSHE we talked about the differences between, friendly joking, teasing and bullying and thought of ways that we could help people when this happens.


In Computing we continued our work with algorithms and played a great game called google quick draw, which we all loved. It was quite tricky and then we realised that it could be made much easier if someone were to give us exact and clear instructions when drawing what google was asking us to do. We then worked in pairs to create a shape made from lego and wrote a set of instructions to go with it. We then swapped instructions with another pair and had to follow each other’s instructions to make the shape, this was not as easy as it sounds and we soon realised that we had to be a lot more detailed in our instructions in order for them to work.


Thank you to our book reviewers this week and next week book reviews go to Olivia, Elle and Grace. Templates can be found in the homework section on School spider or you may wish to create your own.




Please continue to practise your lines for the play.




In Key Stage 1 we ask that children are listened to read by an adult on a daily basis for at least 10 minutes and that the reading is recorded in their reading record book by an adult. This is to help them with their decoding, blending, fluency and comprehension.




Sumdog challenges have been set. Year 1 your challenge is linked to 2d and 3d shapes and Year 2s you have been set the appropriate times tables challenges.


Have a lovely weekend.

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