Greys class 3rd May

Date: 2nd May 2019 @ 7:33pm

Welcome to another week in Greys class!

This week we were lucky to have a very special guest artist come and teach us how to draw portraits. Evie's Daddy, Jay came in and we began by folding our paper into sections and marking up different points which we used to help us draw the features of the face. We then went on to doing some free drawing which was a lot trickier than it sounds, we had to draw the person opposite us without looking at our paper. There were some amazing results and we finished off by putting everything we had learned together and creating a final portrait. We had an amazing afternoon and would like say a very big thank you to Jay who inspired many of us to continue practising our newly acquired skills at home.

In Literacy we watched a short film entitled Caterpillar's shoes and then chose a minibeast to foucs on. We used adjectives, verbs, adverbs and similes to describe it and will be continuing with this next week when we produce fact files about our chosen creature. On Thursday we split into groups and reneacted the story and the following day we wrote a detailed recount.

In Maths the Year 1s have been adding 10 to 2 digit numbers using beaded lines and finding 1/4 and 1/2 of shapes. the Year 2s have been finding halves, quarters and three quarters of amounts.

In Phonics the Year 1s have been adding the suffixes -est and -er, whilst the Year 2s have been working with contractions.

We learned all about Harriet Tubman in History and wrote recounts of her life, we were fascinated as to how many slaves she saved, risking her own life to help those of others.

In Science we tested different types of paper to see which were absorbent and which weren't.

We continued to compose our own tunes in Music and used a variety of instruments to practise with.

Show and Tell next week is about a significant individual who has made a difference to the world. This week we heard all about Tim Berners-Lee and David Attenborough.

Tuesday - Rosamund

Wednesday - Edith

Thursday - Sienna

Friday - Evie

Have a fabulous weekend!


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