Highmoor 11th February

Date: 11th Feb 2022 @ 11:17am

Welcome to another week in Highmoor.

We have had a very exciting week with 2 trips out! On Wednesday it was RE day, our topic this term is Christianity. We visited St John's church in Kidmore End where Reverend James met us he told us all about the features of the church, we looked at the symbolism in the stained glass windows and tiles, we also heard about what happens in some of the services and what it means to be part of the Christian community. When we returned to school we looked in detail at Holy Week and discussed values important to Christians. 

On Thursday we had our trip to Ufton Court for a Greek day. We had a great day learning about the importance of the Gods to ancient Greeks - we sacrificed a (plastic!) goat and read it's (woollen!) entrails before embarking on our training as Spartan soldiers. We investigated artefacts and had to think about what they were used for, who by, what they were made of and what this told us about Ancient Greece. We had lots of fun dressing up and reenacting the story of Theseus and the Minotaur and learnt about the importance of theatre to the Greeks, finally we had our own Olympic Games. Again we sacrificed to the Gods to ask for success then all had a go at discus throwing, tug of war, arm wrestling, javelin and long jump.

In the classroom we have been looking at playscripts with Mrs Claridge, identifying their features, reading them with expression and will move on to acting them out next week. We have been writing up our explanation texts with Mrs Griffith about how plants grow from a seed.

We added more detail to our modroc masks and will finish these next week by adding colour to bring them to life.

In science we investigated different seeds looking at their characteristics to try to decide which method of dispersal they used - explosion, wind, animal or water.

Homework is Sumdog and reading.

Have a lovely weekend everyone. 

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