Highmoor week commencing 19 April

Date: 23rd Apr 2021 @ 1:26pm

Welcome to the first week back in school after the Easter holidays.

We have had a really fun week made extra special by the surprise landing of a hot air balloon on the common. It was a really magical experience as we all got to watch it fly over the school, land on the common and then help pack it away. We were amazed at how small the balloon became once it was put away!

We have started our new history topic of the Romans. We looked at some Roman artefacts including an oil lamp, a brooch, roof tile and glass. We investigated the founding of Rome, where it is, how far the empire expanded and lots more facts.

In literacy we are reading the legend of Romulus and Remus. We have retold the story verbally and used drama techniques to investigate character’s personalities and feelings. On Thursdays and Fridays in literacy we will be studying stories from Africa. We learnt more about Africa and used atlases to help research interesting facts. We began to look at a book ‘Africa is Not a Country’ which explores how children live their lives in different African countries.

In computing we started a new topic ‘What is the Weather.’ We used the internet to search different temperatures in different countries around the world. Next week we will be using spreadsheets to sort and record this information.

In art we looked at Roman shields and the designs commonly found on them. We designed our own shields in our sketch books.

Maths has continued with both year groups working on fractions. Year 3 looked at thirds of shapes and quantities and moved on to unit and non unit fractions. Year 4 finished their fraction block with lots of tricky missing number and word problems and moved on to working with money by the end of the week.

PE has been extra special as we have been taught by Springwood Class. They have been doing an ‘Active Leaders’ training course all week and we got to experience their leadership skills, guidance and great PE ideas in our lessons this week.

Homework is times tables on Sumdog like usual and spellings can be downloaded from the website, don’t forget to log on to Ed Shed to play the spelling games on there too.

Just to clarify for those of you that missed the newsletter - Mrs Smith is now teaching in Highmoor on Thursdays and Fridays until the end of the term. 

Have a great weekend everyone. omiPhone

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