Peppard class - 08.03.2019

Date: 7th Mar 2019 @ 4:18pm

Welcome to our week in Peppard Class.

This week we have continued to enjoy woodwork.  The children have become quite accurate with the balsa wood so we are going to try some harder wood next week.  We are still developing this area and hope to get some pull saws and a woodwork bench in the near future.  We have been really excited by the enthusiasm and the children are now starting to plan what they are going to make.

In phonics this week, we have continued to revise phase 3.  We have played a variety of games and practised writing our tricky words.  Please do practise the sounds at home.

In maths, we have learned all about number 15.  We have made 15 using numicon and building blocks.  The children then completed a short number activity and most were independent.  We were very impressed. Some of the children continued to develop their mathematical understanding by making a tower of 155 bricks which we counted together.  They made some realistic esitmates first.

In PE we did a movement session based on the African tale Handa's Surprise.  We then split into two teams and played some racing games. 

In choosing time, we have observed some lovely writing as the children develop their skills to write their own helicopter stories. 

The children who enjoy building outside have been making designs and plans before they begin constructing.  They are writing a list of resources that they need.  We love to see their creative thinking.  

We have had the water tray inside with the water butt so the children can freely access water.  They have loved to explore capacity and they are taking turns by following our rules.

The painting table has been busy with children painting little plaster figures.

We have had some different genres of music playing and the children have been making up some lovely dances.  They have been confident enough to perform them for their classmates.  

Please check the newsletter for upcoming events - we have one outing for Henley Youth Festival next thursday.


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