Peppard class - 25th January 2019

Date: 24th Jan 2019 @ 11:42pm

Welcome to our week in Peppard class.

In phonics this week, we have learned some new sounds. These are the vowel digraphs:

ow, ur and oi. We have played some fun games, our favourite was Swapsies.

In maths, we have been counting objects and pictures that cannot be moved. We played a game that involved listening to drum beats and counting. After we finished the game, some of the children continued playing and challenging their friends. Also in maths, we have been adding up using number resources.

We have continued our topic about dinosaurs. We innovated our story and decided to design our own dinosaurs. We have also been looking at a variety of sources to find out more information about dinosaurs. Each child has made a dinosaur fossil using air drying clay.

The weather has been very exiting! The children made their own snow ploughs and cleared the snow on the safety surface.  We made a dinosaur dig and the dinosaurs were frozen in the snow.  We problem solved and got some warm water to get it out.  We then took the opportunity to do our own science experiment.  We put two snow in two trays and put one in the shade and one in the sun.  We predicted what might happen.  We were correct!  We then put one tray inside and left one outside.  We monitored the results throughout the afternoon.  

Have a lovely weekend.



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