Peppard Class - 9th November 2018

Date: 10th Nov 2018 @ 12:15am

Welcome to our very busy week!  We have enjoyed learning about Diwali this week.  The children have learned about the Hindu festival of light and some of the traditions associated with it.  Every child make a beautiful Rangoli pattern outside using the chalk.  They all did their own design.  We were impressed with the high levels of involvement displayed by the children.  We then learned the story of Rama and Sita before making some Diwali cards and Diva lamps.  Some of the children danced to some Indian music that is played at Diwali celebrations.  

Whilst the children were engaged in their freely chosen activities, there was a group who decided that they wanted to make their own super hero masks.  We supported them in finding the resources before they added their personal creative ideas.

In phonics this week, we have been learning the sounds - j,x,w and we have been practising our tricky words.  Please do continue to use the flash cards at home.  It has been really helping the children.  We have observed the children using the resources and replaying the games that we use in our phonics lessons - they are progressing really well and they are very enthusiastic.  

In maths this week, we have been looking at all the ways to make 5.  We used our numicon counters to bake some biscuts.  Before we cut the biscuits out, we made number bonds.

Please remember that we have our school outing to Greys Court on Monday so the children must have a coat and welly boots in school.

Our show and tell days will remain as last week for the rest of the term.

Happy weekend

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