Peppard class - 14th June 2019

Date: 13th Jun 2019 @ 8:43pm

My favourite thing in Peppard class this week was seeing the excitement from all the children about giving a gift.  They were really proud to be making something for Father's day.  I really hope all the dads love it.  It really comes with a lot of love!

In phonics this week, we have been learning the alternative spelling for the oi sound - oy.  We have been reading and writing words and sentences with the oy sound in.  We have sent some spellings home, please practise them to support your child to consolidate their learning.  We have also been practising many tricky words!  We have been playing games and singing very catchy songs.  

In maths, we have been solving practical maths problems, measuring when making our plaster moulds, learning about one more and adding up using a number line.  We have also been counting to 100 and counting to and from 20.  

We have started our new story - We are going on a bear hunt.  The children enjoyed hearing the author Michael Rosen telling the story with actions on the video.  

Please support your children with the early learning writing goal.  Please do keep it purposeful if you are writing but shopping lists or birthday cards are a great way to encourage writing.

Have a great weekend.

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