Highmoor Class

How our curriculum is implemeted.

Two Yearly Topic Cycle

We operate a two yearly topic cycle to ensure that children learn all of the skills and knowledge they require to move onto the next part of their learning journey. Topics are based on big questions, designed to unlock children's curiosity. Where possible, we invite people in, to discuss their roles, their thoughts and their opinions about in the outside world and we travel to meaningful places to give learning more purpose.

This is all designed to create a love of learning in our children.


Spoken Language, reading and writing are delivered daily through the use of rich texts and good quality resources. The children have a guided reading session in class for 30 minutes each day, as well as daily English lessons. Children are encouraged to read for 20 minutes a day at home and record it in their Home School Diary. 

Examples of quality texts for reading can be found by following this link;  https://www.booksfortopics.com/yeargroups We encourage and guide children to choose quality texts from our wide range of books and magazines/comics in our class library. 

The local libraries also offer an excellent choice of reading material and audiobooks. You can even reserve titles and listen online. Here are opening the times for Henley and Sonning Common.


Fluency, problem solving and reasoning skills are taught through a series of small steps using the Whiterose Maths scheme https://whiterosemaths.com/ (other materials to complement the scheme are used). Our aim is for all children to be confident, flexible and engaged in learning mathematics. Pupils are encouraged from EYFS up to year 6 to represent their thinking through the use of manipulatives, drawings, words and numbers. Maths is taught daily in all classes.

The children have Sumdog accounts that they can access from home. Times tables are taught daily, by the end of year 3 children are expected to know their 2, 10, 5, 3, 4 and 8 times tables off by heart. In year 4 children sit a statutory tables test and are expected to know all of their tables up to 12. 

Science, Geography, History, and Art and Design, are taught through our Learning Challenge Curriculum where we use ‘Big’ questions to find out about the world around us. We link subjects, meaningfully, and use our literacy and numeracy skills in a purposeful way.

Computing, Music and Design and Technology are taught using progression maps   an online scheme of work - Kapow Primary. In key stage children also learn to play a musical instrument, currently the descant recorder.

Religious Education is taught using the LCP scheme and collective worship is practised daily

Physical Education is taught on both the common and off site regularly, so that the children have access to good quality venues and equipment. We use an online planning tool, alled iPEP to improve our planning and assessment. Wherever possible, we take part in competitions and festivals around the county.  As we are a small school, children have the opportunity to represent the school between three and ten times a year. The topic cycles for this term are below.

French is delivered by a specialist teacher, through Linguascope.

PSHE is a tailored scheme using elements from different providers. Example planning is below, as well as our SRE scheme.

If you require any further information, please speak to Mrs Hilton, or Mr Steele, at the office.

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