Springwood Class

As we have two year groups in each class, we operate a two yearly cycle. A copy of this plan is below, for you to view.


Spoken Language, reading and writing are delivered daily through the use of rich texts and good quality resources. The children have a guided reading session in class for 30 minutes each day, as well as daily English lessons. Our expectation is that children read for at least 30 minutes a day at home too, in order for them to reach the National Standard at the end of year six.

Examples of quality texts for reading can be found here for year five and year six.

The library also offers an excellent choice of reading material and audiobooks. You can even reserve titles and listen online. Here are opening times are Henley and Sonning Common.


The expectations in maths have risen considerably in the last few years and we use a scheme of work called Abacus to support teachers' planning and children's learning. Maths is taught every day for one hour. The children have a Sumdog account that they can access from home. As you're all aware, multiplication tables and number bonds form the bedrock of mathematical fluency. Children's iPads have apps to support their learning.

As we have two year groups in the class, we operate a two yearly topic cycle to ensure that no learning is repeated. These topics are based on big questions, designed to unlock children's curiosity. Where possible, we invite people in, to discuss their roles in the outside world and travel to meaningful places to give learning more purpose.

Science, Geography, History, Art and Design and Technology are delivered through the Learn Chanllenge Curriculum. The relevant documents can be found below.

The Computing curriculum is delivered through the 'Kapow!' scheme.

Music is delivered through the 'Kapow!' scheme, as well as instrument lessons.

For P.E., we use an online planning tool, called iPEP.

French is delivered through Linguascope.

PSHE is a tailored scheme using elements from different providers. Example planning is below, as well as our SRE scheme.

Examples of units of work can be seen below. 

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