13.09.2019 Peppard class

Date: 10th Sep 2019 @ 10:25pm

Welcome to our first blog.

The children have been wonderful for their first full week in school.  I think you might have some tired children over the weekend!

We have enjoyed getting to know each other this week.  The key system has been put in place.   Every child had had when they were observed and discrete assessments have been started.  The days are not set in stone yet, but when they are, I will let you know who is on which day.  They will be able to bring show and tell on their key day.

Each day we have done a short session of phonics.  We have sung rhymes, played games that involve initial sounds and we have started segmenting words.  

In maths, we have sung and read stories that involve numbers to 10.  I have also worked with each child individually to count and order numbers.

The rest of the time we have had a wonderful time playing.  A few of the children found some imaginary creatures in the garden.  We used their descriptions to make pictures of them.  We then gave them names.  By Wednesday, they were appearing all over the outside area!  The Reeky Teeky!  Next week we might even have a story about our creatures.

In other play, lots of children engaged in a game together to make a kitten house.  They counted out kitten food carefully, created large model houses for the kittens to go inside and used lots of language to commuicate with each other.  Unfortnately, we did have some problems with the wind so we had to use our critical thinking skills to use different resources to try and keep the blankets on the climbing frame.  In the end, sticky tape worked well. 

The children have also enjoyed enagaing in experiences inside including arts and crafts, trainsets and role play.  They are beginning to learn expected shared rules and follow most of them.  

I will add a few more pictures over the weekend.

See you next week.

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