Greys 13th May

Date: 13th May 2022 @ 12:44pm

Greys have enjoyed a whole-host of exciting activities and learning opportunities this week. In maths, we concluded our statisitcs work by investigating block diagrams. The year ones had to use the observational skills in order to accurately present their data. We have since moved onto time, the year ones focusing on o'clock and half past. The year twos have been exploring quarter past and quarter to and demonstrating what this looks like on a clock. 

In geography, we have continued to spend time in the Amazon rainforest. We looked at images and made notes of descriptions we could use and write about. We then wrote postcards from home describing all of the amazing animals and scenery we had seen whilst there. Some children even used their knowledge of using colons and commas for writing lists to explain what they had seen in their postcards! Linked to geography, in art we have been examining Amazonian tribal pots; we recognised that they liked to use shapes and repetitive patterns and had a go at designing our very own. 

In spellings, the year 2s have been exploring the suffix 'tion'. Mrs White even had us trying out new ways of rehearsing spellings but writing out the words on eachothers backs' and our partner had to guess the word - we made a very interesting looking snake!

This afternoon, we ventured to PWMH for a STEM afternoon were we got to work in teams with Peppard class to design and make robots! We had a great time and loved being able to compete in proper robot wars! 


Have a lovely sunny weekend! 

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