23rd October by Imogen and Jamie

Date: 23rd Oct 2020 @ 10:58am

Visit to The River and Rowing Museum

This week in Springwood we went on our first school trip since lockdown. We were lucky to go to The River and Rowing Museum. We spent a day there screen printing and learning about the artist John Piper. Everyone enjoyed it because it was the first outing for a while so it was special.


We finished our topic about materials in science with Mrs Dickens. We learned how to make casein plastic; blew up a balloon with carbon dioxide made out of bicarbonate of soda and vinegar; tested what materials were soluble and insoluble and separated materials by sieving, magnetism, filters and evaporation. We enjoyed this topic because it expanded our knowledge of science and we had the freedom to be experimental. This was definitely a topic we will remember.


Team captains organised a huge game of capture the ball for KS2 at lunchtime on Thursday. We competed against each other for a prize of team points. It was fun and pretty competitive. There was lots of team support and cheering.

We have also had an inter-class netball tournament on Thursday that Mrs Elson organised. There were four teams and six matches and everybody took part and enjoyed it thoroughly.



This week we completed our persuasive letters that we are sending to inspirational people that we think can help causes that we feel strongly about. We all walked to the postbox to post our letters. Some of them are going as far as the USA and Peru and we hope that they will be make a difference and we are looking forward to receiving some replies. 



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