Highmoor - 24th September

Date: 28th Sep 2018 @ 10:01am

We started this week off with looking at addition in maths. The Year 3s were adding two 2 digit numbers together using the partitioning method, some of us moved on to 3 digit numbers. The Year 4s were using column addition to add 3 digit numbers together and by the end of the lesson some of us were even attempting 5 digit numbers! 

In music the Year 3s learnt the note B on their lovely new recorders and the Year 4s played London’s Burning in a round and also learnt Happy Birthday!

Tuesday was our trip to the River and Rowing Museum. It was a brilliant trip helped by the lovey weather. We started off with a walk along the river to sketch the bridge. We included lots of details in our drawings including the cutwaters and the keystone. We then headed back to the museum for our bridge building workshop. This was great fun. We had to design a bridge which would span a 22cm gap and hold 30 x 2p coins. However, the materials we could use all came at a price and we had a set budget to spend! It was quite tricky finding the balance between a bridge that was strong enough but didn’t cost too much. We ended our trip with a walk around the gallery. 

On Wednesday, we began subtracting in Numeracy. To do this, we used a number line and counted up from the smallest number to the largest to find the difference. We began subtracting two digit numbers from 2 digit numbers then moved on to work with larger numbers. 

On Friday, we used this new method to buy a selection of items that were for sale in the classroom! We counted on on a number line to calculate change from £1, £5, £10 and £20. 

This week, we spent some time discussing the meaning of Harvest and why we celebrate Harvest. We found out that Harvest Festivals are celebrated all around the world in different ways and that they happen at different times of year. We discovered that in England, Harvest is celebrated around the time of the autumn equinox, or Harvest Moon. Some of us even saw the Harvest Moon on Wednesday evening. 

We had a great swimming session on Thursday and ended the lesson jumping into the pool! 

In Science this week, we investigated reflective surfaces. We used little mirrors to try mirror writing and used a large mirror to explore the angle of reflections.   

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