Friday 25th September by Heather and Jemima

Date: 25th Sep 2020 @ 10:22am


This year there are five children in Peppard Class and their Year 6 buddies are:

Rudy and Ruby

Lara and Imogen

Freya and Astrid

Jack and Riley

Lily and Elodie

In this unusual year where we've all had so much time off school, some Year 6 children also have Year 1 buddies. This is to help the the Year 1 children settled into their new environment as easily as possible.


Our Class Book

At the beginning of this term we started an amazing book called Kick by Mitch Johnson. This book is about a boy called Budi who lives in Jarkarta. He is forced to work in a factory making football boots when he would rather be playing football for Real Madrid. 


During PE we have been learning hurdles, relay races and ball games in teams of three and four. Every Friday lunchtime, Team Captains will be setting up an optional obstacle course. There will be a new and exciting one each week for everyone to try.




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