Peppard class - 4th October 2019

Date: 3rd Oct 2019 @ 11:45pm

Welcome to our week in Peppard class.

We have learned some new letters and sounds this week.  These are:

g, o, c,

We have played some games and watched geraldine the funny giraffe.  We are improving our recall, blending and segmenting.  We practise writing each day as well as reading sounds and words.   Thank you if you have started reading at home.  

In maths this week, we have been learning about the number 3.  We have been using mathematical language to describe 3 in relation to 2 and 1.  We have combined 1,2,3 in different ways and introduced addition and subtraction.  We have modelled how to write number sentences.  We also present the children with number problems throughout the week such as how many children are away and counting during games.  We have enjoyed a maths movement activity which involves different actions as we counted to 100.  Each child worked with me to match numerals to counting and we talked about their individual next steps.  

We had a lovely time meeting the author and illustrator of the The Great Dog Bottom Swap.  The children were such a joy to take out.  They were superb representatives of our school.  

We have read lots of stories this week.  We have also been retelling the story of Goldilocks and the three bears.  All the children told the story in a group on their key child day.  They loved being videoed!

Whilst playing outside in the garden, some of the children found a snail.  We were so excited when it popped out of it's shell.  This led us to learning about snails, looking through a magnifying glass, and making observations.  We used this interest in an art lesson where the children all made a picture of a snail in the style of Henri Matisse.  The children had some quiet music playing in the background and displayed high levels of involvement throughout the task.  

Please come along on Wednesday morning to see the children at the Harvest festival.  They will be singing a little song.  We would be grateful for any food donations.

Next week the show and tell will be:

Monday - Charlie, Noah, Henry

Tuesday - Barney, Taylor, Elle

Wednesday - Margot, Grace, Max

Thursday - Molly, Talia, Francesca

Friday - Olivia, Holly

On 15th October 2019 we will be going to Pizza Express in Henley.  Please look out for a letter.  There will not be a charge for the trip.

Have a lovely weekend.


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