Date: 26th Mar 2019 @ 11:00am

 “Are you on board?

Calling all mums and please don't be shy….everyone is welcome!

Last year the Peppard Dads raised over £7,000 with their 24hr walk. This year it’s our turn to do something remarkable so on May 18th a group of mums will embark on a lovely Dragon Boat paddle along the Thames to raise much needed funding for the school. 


“What’s so remarkable about that?” I hear you ask

 Well, we’ll be setting off from Wallingford and powering our boat all the way to our finish line at Henley.

“Hmm. That doesn’t sound such a big deal?”

Well it might not be through the night but taking the river route isn’t as straight forward as walking from A to B. Forget ‘as the crow flies’ because our boat will actually cover a 55km journey from start to finish and pass though no less than eight locks along the way.  

“Okay, now you have my attention. What can I do to get involved?”

Great! So the boat needs to be armed with twenty paddlers, one cox and a drummer at any given time throughout the day. The route is all planned and will be broken down into sections enabling paddlers to hop on or off at given points if you don’t fancy going the full distance. Every paddle stroke helps, the sections differ in length so please don’t worry about fitness levels. This is a team effort and we can all bring something to the boat. 

We also need a great support crew both before and on the day of the event so if being in the boat really isn’t for you then there will be plenty of other angles to support from.

 If you can help in any way please speak to Antonia Waite and put your name down. Go MOPS!

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