Friday 18th September by Imogen and Maisey

Date: 18th Sep 2020 @ 11:47am

New Roles

This week some pupils have been lucky enough to be elected for new school roles including Team Captains, School Councillors, Worship Councillors, IT Monitors, Bloggers and Class ambassadors. Jobs for these roles include organising school events; choosing hymns for church services; putting together community charity fundraisers; organising IT equipment and more. This week we will announce the new Team Captains and will let you know of other roles in the weeks to come.

New Team Captains 

Max for Beech Team

Imogen for Willow Team

Lola for Maple Team

Heather for Oak Team

Congratuations to the new captains, we are sure you will make great ambassadors for your teams. We look forward to hearing more about future events.


We have been learning how to write a persuasive letter based on our class novel Kick. The lesson was a model from Jane Considine who is an educational consultant and children's author. Mrs Watkins tweeted our work and Jane was so impressed and overwhelmed with joy that she started crying!


The girls have been lucky enough to have a session with Amanda from Rotherfield United girls football team. The session was fun and inspiring. The boys have been working on their triple jump and hurdling skills with Mrs Elson. 


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