Friday 19th December by Ellie and Emilia

Date: 10th Dec 2021 @ 11:53am


This week in science we have continued our mould experiment and have continued to observe the changes to the bread. The results are very clear this week and there is plenty of mould growing; it is mainly blue mould but there's is also red and orange mould. As mould is a micro-organism we are starting to come to the conclusion that maybe we are seeing different varieties of mould. 

Our visit to Peppard and Greys class

We visited the younger children this week in their classrooms to show them our rainforest pop-up books. We had the opportunity to read our books to them and we think they really enjoyed lifting the flaps, opening the windows and making the characters move.



For PE this week Mr Steele introduced us to Dodgeball. We played on the common which made collecting the balls a hard job, however we really enjoyed learning a new sport and playing a fun game. 

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