Friday 20th November by Astrid and Jazzy

Date: 20th Nov 2020 @ 10:54am


This week in English we have been preparing for our Wander in the Woods competition. For this we are writing short stories with maximum of one hundred words. The whole class has really enjoyed this challenge and we have struggled to stick to just one hundred words. We hope to hear how we have done closer to Christmas. 


In Music this week we have been learning about Holi which is a festival of colour for the  Hindu religion. We watched a video about it and we learned that you have bags of powered paint that you can throw at anyone. Next we learnt about synesthesia which is a condition where you can see colours when you hear music and there is a particular colour for each note. We then listened to different types of music and we thought about which colours we associated them with.


In history this term we have been looking at the 17th Century and learning about all the Monarchs and catastrophic events which led the world to be where we are today. A couple of these events were The Great Fire of London, The Great Plague and The Gunpowder Plot. We also looked at the famous diary of Samuel Pepys. In one of the lessons we had to create a timeline of the 17th Century. 


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