Friday 25th June by Ava and Immy

Date: 25th Jun 2021 @ 11:33am


We have been creating pictures of our own imaginary planets. We used pastels, paints and pencils and the artwork turned out to be awesome!


DT and science

We have been making electrical circuits this week to practice for when we create our own electrical moon buggies. We have been asked to bring in junk supplies to make the body and the chassis will be made from electrical circuits.


Mini Olympics

This week Springwood and Highmoor classes have been organising and competing in a mini olympics. We took part in long jump, shot put, triple jump, middle distance runn8kng and sprinting. There was also a fun hurdle relay at the end. We were all assigned different countries to represent. They were GB, USA, Germany, South Africa, Japan and China. Germany were the overall winners in the end but everyone really enjoyed it. It was very active and we were all very tired afterwards. 

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