Friday 3rd December by Laila and Lyra

Date: 3rd Dec 2021 @ 11:39am


This week in science we conducted an experiment to find out if yeast is a living organism. We put hot water, yeast and sugar into a bottle to see if the yeast would consume the sugar and release carbon dioxide which in turn would inflate the balloon. We discovered that the balloons did inflate but some more than others. We think that the balloons that were nearer the radiator inflated more than the others. 
We have also been talking about penicillin and we conducted an experiment to find out how mould grows fastest. We had three pieces of bread and we put one teaspoon of sugar water on one slice, one tablespoon of sugar water on another and one with plain water. We are waiting for the results. 

Christmas time in Springwood 

We have had a fun week making Christmas decorations. We made paper snowflakes that we hung up around the classroom.
In PSHE this week we have been discussing self care and caring for others. As a result of this lesson we wrote thoughtful comments to all of our class mates and put them inside a bauble and hung them on the tree. On the the last day of term we will take home our baubles and read all the kind messages our friends have written to us.


On Friday Ann,  who works for Sumdog visited our classroom to get our thoughts about Sthe app so that it can be developed further. She also introduced us to the new update which had new games, a new garden and a new house with lots of cool things to do. 




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