Friday 7th January by Finty and Maisey

Date: 7th Jan 2022 @ 2:36pm


To start things off we have had a very short week but we have been doing lots of fun things.


We have been learning about Anglo-Saxon runes. We tea stained some paper using a tea bag and scrunched it up then smoothing it out when it was dry to give it an authentic look. Then we used thin paint brushses and wrote our name in runes with black paint. We also made stones using clay then carved out our initials in runes using cocktail sticks.


In English this week we were learning about the writing features of diary entries.  We work in groups to identify features of Little Red Riding hood's diary. The features we were looking for were:

Written in the first person

Past tense

Adverbials of time

Addressing the diary directly

Describes authors thoughts and feelings

Ambitious describing words

Uses informal language

Inverted commas for direct speech



Our new science topic for the term is light. Today we we were learning about how light travels in straight lines and how light can help us see objects.  We experimented with a large box and looked into it when the lights were out then shone light inside it for about twenty minutes.  When we looked back inside we could see glowing green dots which we were glow in the dark stickers.  The stickers consume the light then projects it at a later stage.


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