Friday 8th April by Darcy and Beau

Date: 8th Apr 2022 @ 11:04am


This week in literacy we wrote a descriptive piece of writing about an elephant in the Savana. We were in groups and we looked at a photo on our iPads and described the animal and its setting. We used as many of our Year5/6 spelling words as we could and plenty of adjectives. 


We have continued our Jabberwocky topic in our art lessons. This week we have been creating Jabberwocky eyes out of clay. We moulded the clay to the shape we wanted then we added smaller details. After that we painted them using a variety of coloured and metallic acrylic paint.  We also drew the Jabberwocky eyes using pastels and created a display in our cloak room. 


Sadly this week we are losing some of our Peppard family. Mrs Hawkins has been a very lovely teacher and we will miss her a lot. We wish her the best in Jersey. Dexter and Darcy are also moving on to different schools this week. Again we wish them all the best. 


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