Greys 13th March

Date: 13th Mar 2020 @ 4:34pm

This week in Maths we have been having lots of fun exploring capacity. We have all been estimating and then measuring accurately. The Year 1s had to find out how many mugs of water would fit into Goldilocks and the three bears’ bowls. We then went on to transferring the results into a bar graph and pictogram, before answering questions about our findings. The Year 2s began by gaining a sense of how much a litre was. They then moved on to how many millilitres are in a litre and used this to convert amounts into and from litres. They also created bar graphs and pictograms but used amounts in litres to detail their data. They finished the week off by reading different measures and converting amounts to and from litres.

In Literacy we have been reading The Way back home by Oliver Jeffers. We began by watching a video of the story, before reading the book. We thought of different adjectives to describe the alien, then put them into expanded noun phrases. We used our senses to describe the alien and finished the week using a variety of conjunctions to join two of our phrases together. We are looking forward to next week when we will be writing our character descriptions in full.

We began our new topic ‘Why were Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong very brave people?’ We started off by thinking about what makes someone a significant individual and spent time sorting famous people into who we thought had made the most and least difference to or impact on the world. Then on Thursday we learned all about Christopher Columbus and enjoyed re-enacting his difficult journey to the Americas.

In Phonics the Year 2s particularly enjoyed playing a variety of games this week on a new website we have found. Please feel free to try this at home, not all of the games are free but the ones we played in class were and the children found them good fun.

On Wednesday afternoon as part of Henley Youth Festival we went to Nettlebed school and took part in a drama workshop. We spent our time playing various characters from the story of Captain Simon who was afraid of the sea. Mrs Clinkard played his mother and Mrs Hall his ancient granny. All of the children acted out what creatures they would be that they and the captain would find on their voyage together. There was everything from pufferfish, sea cucumbers and squid. Later the children worked in pairs to create a short story without words, one such story was that Maria found and carried away a huge fossil called Arthur! It was a fabulous afternoon and the children were a credit to the school with their knowledge, attitude and behaviour.

Many thanks to Thea, who completed our first book review for us. She did a fabulous job of explaining why she loved the story of The Giant Jam Sandwich and even brought the book in to share with us.

Show and Tell next week is about British significant individuals (people who have made a difference to the world, some examples include explorers, inventors, pioneers, sports, leaders)

Tuesday – Rosamund (Book review)

Wednesday – Georgia F

Thirsday – Charlie

Friday – Sable


Have a lovely weekend!


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