Greys 20th May

Date: 20th May 2022 @ 2:02pm

This week has been fuelled by fruit-shoots and alka seltzer - for our computing project of course! Mr Steele had us experimenting by emptying out the fruit-shoot bottles and then refilling them with water and alka-seltzer to see if they would blast off into space - unfortunately, they didn't but Mr Steele did get covered in water, which was rather funny! You may be wondering how this science experiment is linked to computing - well, we had to use digital software on Google Classroom to firstly design our rocket and make lists of what materials we would need before we finally were able to make them.

In maths, the year 2s have begun telling the time to 5 minutes whilst the year 1s have been mastering drawing clocks that show times to half past.

In topic, we began by going on a wander around school and making a list of what materials we could see that are used to build homes and schools here in the UK. We then hopped to a new continent - this week Africa and travelled to Mali. We looked at the climate and the materials that they have to build homes and the famous mosque in Djenne that is completely made out of mud. Mrs W got us a bowl of wet mud so we could see what it would feel like on our fingers - some of us loved it, others not so much!

On Friday, we were very lucky to welcome Mrs Watkins into Greys class who introduced us to our songs for the upcoming summer production. We had a little practice and will be continuing to rehearse them over the coming weeks as we master our roles as woodland creatures.

Have a lovely weekend all,

Mrs W.

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