Greys 2nd November

Date: 2nd Nov 2018 @ 6:03pm

Welcome back to a new term!

This week in Maths the Year 1s have been identifiying 2 numbers and saying which numbers go between them and  counting in 10s from any 2 digit number. The Year 2s have been sorting odd and even numbers and counting in 2s, 5s and 10s.

We have been reading a variety of poems connected with the seasons and have spent a lot of time identifying adjectives and verbs and  then thinking of similar words to replace them. We were given a verse from a poem called Glad me and had to draw a picture that described the poem. It was interesting to see how everyone interpreted it slightly differently.Next week we will be writing our own word picture poems.

On Tuesday afternoon we had lots of fun with Mrs Todaro and Miss Miles, who helped us recreate the story of The Gunpowder Plot through role play and we then created our own firework scenes by blowing paint and then using that as our background for the Houses of Parliament. They are now on display in the classroom and look pretty impressive, we even had a special guest who enjoyed contributing to our display.

In Phonics the Year 2s have been working on words ending in -el and the Year 1s have worked on the alternative ea,er,a and y sounds.

We discussed all the different types of weather and watched a variety of weather forecasts before performing our own to see if we could make them more entertaining than the ones we had watched. 

We have been given our parts for the Chirstmas play and are already practising the songs, rehearsals will begin next week and we are all very excited. Lines will be going home at some point this week, so if you could practise at home that would be a great help.

Next Wednesday is our Remembrance Day service and we have come home with lines to practise, please come along and see who we will be talking about.

Spelling test will be on Monday next week and Timestables on Wednesday.

Please remember PE is on Mondays and Thursdays, but your PE kit does need to be in school every day.

Next week we begin our new topic  What would Paddington Bear find exciting about Henley on Thames? During the next few weeks we will be finding out all about the area we live in and having a few visits to Henley to explore in more depth.

Our Show and Tell topic of seasons and weather finished today with a very professional presentation of snowflakes and how they are similar to fingerprints in that no two snowflakes are the same.

Show and Tell next week will be about our town, Henley on Thames

Monday - Amelie

Tuesday - Arthur

Wednesday - Rosamund

Thursday - Sienna

Friday - Edith

Have a lovely weekend!


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