Greys 30th November

Date: 30th Nov 2018 @ 3:53pm

We began the week with a trip into Henley to explore more of the town that we live in. We looked at the different types of buildings and what they might be used for. We took some time at Hobbs looking at all the boats and spotted their workshop across the river. We had some time in the park and watched a train leaving the station. We then found the Henley Standard office where they print the local weekly newspaper and walked past the Police Station before heading back to school.We've had a lovely time visiting Henley and learning so much about our town.

Later in the week we then discussed the different types of houses that we all live in and created a pictogram to see which was the most popular type of house in Greys class.

In Phonics the Year 2s have been revising tricky words and the Year 1s have been looking at different o sounds.

We have all challenged ourselves in Maths and the Year 1s have been adding and subtracting 1, 2 and 10 to and from 2 digit numbers using a number square, whilst the Year 2s have been adding single digit numbers to 2 digit numbers bridging 10 using a number line.

We made marmalade sandwiches on Tuesday morning and then wrote a detailed set of instructions to describe how we had made them. In Big Write we created our very own adventure for Paddington and are looking forward to hearing each other's stories next week. We have been using lots of adjectives and exciting verbs in our writing over the last few weeks so tried hard to include them in our stories.

We made our Three Kings advent calendar ready to be put up for when we arrive at school on Monday morning. We thought about what compassion means to us. We wrote down examples of when we have been compassionate and have written them in our best handwriting for display for all to read.

Thank you so much for learning your lines for the play. We are all getting very excited and would like costumes in by Tuesday 4th December. If anybody has any microphones or battery operated fairy lights that we could borrow for the performances it would be appreciated.

Show and Tell next week is about Henley,

Monday - Max

Tuesday - Harry

Wednesday - Annabelle

Thursday - Elsie

Friday - Sophie

Have a lovely weekend!

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