Greys class 10th January

Date: 10th Jan 2020 @ 4:22pm

Welcome back to a new term!

We have enjoyed hearing about your Chirstmas holidays and thoroughly enjoyed sharing our book reviews with each other. We were very impressed in how many of you to took part in the Christmas reading challenge which was lovely to see.

We have had a great start to our new term with a visit to Milestones Museum. on Wednesday. We took part in an amazing Toys and Games workshop. We began our day by playing different games on a carousel of activities, whereby we played musical games like Oranges & Lemons, Old MacDonald and The farmer's in his den. We also played jumping jacks, simon says, tiddlywinks, and pick upsticks. We then played hopscoth and dominoes. After that we had a timeline activity where we had to find toys from different decades, we played I spy in the teddy bear shop window, we built using wooden blocks and lego, comparing the two different types  and then played different sorting actvities using a venn diagram. By this time we were ready for lunch and ate our lunch in record time as we were so excited about visitng the Sweet shop and Arcade. The Arcade proved to be lots of fun as we got 5 old fashioned pennies each to spend on games or rides of our choice, some of us preferred to try and win something for our money, whilst others were quite happy with a competitive game of table football or a leisurely ride on a horse. In the Sweet shop we had our ration books stamped and were allowed to choose 2oz of some sweets, which for some there was just too much choice! We finished the day off with a quick tour of the rest of the Museum and a sing along in the Pub to 'Heads, shoulders, knees and toes' and 'Old MacDonald' which was a lot of fun and a great end to a truly fun filled day. A big thankyou to Mrs Morris, Mrs Kent, Mrs Edwards and Mrs Turner for driving and helping for the day.

Our day at Milestones inspired us to research some other toys since the 1950s and arrange them in chronological order of decades. We also wrote recounts of our trip and played a riddle game whereby we described a toy and people had to guess what the toy was.

In Literacy we read 'Dogger' and began describing a soft toy using adjectives to describe it. This was in preparation for creating our own posters on Friday of our favourite toy, that like Dave in 'Dogger' we pretended that we had lost. We hope to have these on display in the classroom next week for us all to see.

We have worked particularly hard in Maths and the Year 1s have been working on their number bonds to 8 and 9, doubling numbers and using our number bonds to help us add 3 single digit numbers. The Year 2s have been adding and subtracting single digit numbers to and from a 2 digit number using a variety of methods.

In Computing the year 2s completed writing their algorithms for building a shape they had made from  lego bricks.The shapes were then dismantled and rebuilt following the algorithm they had written.It was interesting to see how accurate the shapes turned out. Some of the shapes didn't turn out the way we expected. Having found the errors or ‘bugs’ in our algorithm we then went on to correct the matter by altering the algorithm accordingly.

In Art we practised our cutting skills and began by cutting out different lines before moving onto more complex shapes and then arranging them to match a picture.

Due to timetable changes throughout the School Greys class will now be doing PE on a Monday and Tuesday.

Show and Tell next week will be about Toys & Games.

Tuesday - Gerogia Ferguson

Wednesday - Charlie

Thursday - Sable

Friday - Lucas

Have a lovely weekend!



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