Greys class 11th October

Date: 11th Oct 2019 @ 2:54pm

We had an exciting start to the week with our visit to Brooklands Museum. We looked at all different types of aircraft ranging from the first aeroplane to cross the Atlantic, to a variety of war planes, the Sultan of Oman's plane and the amazing Concorde. We explored the bus museum and went on a double decker bus, learning about buses past and present. We went into the aircraft factory and clocked in before getting our cards stamped in a variety of workshops involved in the process of manufacturing planes. The Motorbikes, cars and bicycles were endless and the variety was amazing. We have spent a lot of time this week comparing the differences between transport past and present . A big thank you must go to Mr Tanner for driving us there and to Mrs Turner, Mrs Jones and Mrs Morris for helping out on the day. Should you wish to help on future trips please let Mrs Hawkins know.

On Tuesday we had a cooking workshop and made stromboli, which involved us kneading  and shaping thedouhg and filling it with tomato puree, cheese and pineapple.

In Literacy we wrote a recount of our trip to Brooklands focussing on time connectives/ sentence openers. Then we made models of our Viking longboat designs from last week and used these to write a set of instructions for Big Write, once again using time connectives and bossy verbs.

In Maths the Year 1s have been locating numbers on beaded lines and comparing 2 numbers, before moving on to counting in 10s and the year 2s have been using repeated addition as a form of multiplication and recognising odd and even numbers.

In music we have been listening to a variety of music.Last week we listened to some music by the  British composer Benjamin Britten.We learned about how in writing the piece ,he tried to describe different  aspects of our coastline.This week we listened to a piece about the English countryside by Ralph Vaughn Williams called ’The Lark Ascending’ and listened to how the solo violin was played in a way to describe  a bird in the sky.We closed our eyes and thought about the pictures the music made in our heads. We then learnt a traditional song called Lavender’s Blue.

In PE we did some dance.We were able to link our work in listening to a musical pulse to moving in time with the music.We took it turns to make a circle and then follow a sequence of steps.We did lots of counting to make sure we kept in time with each other. It was great fun.

Show and Tell next week is UK and Transport

Monday - Teddy

Tuesday - Amelie 

Wednesday - Arthur

Thursday - Islay

Friday - Thea

Can l please remind you that children need reading books, a water bottle, coat and outdoor shoes/ wellies in School daily. Spelling books on Mondays, Homework books on Tuesdays and Year 2 timestables on Wednesdays.


Have a lovely weekend!

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