Greys class 12th March

Date: 12th Mar 2021 @ 3:32pm

Well, we are finally all back in school and what a wonderful week we have had! It truly has been lovely to have us all back together and the children have settled back in as if Lockdown never happened.


I would like to begin by thanking each and every one of you for your support, enthusiasm and patience during our ‘Lockdown teaching.’ We have been amazed at how well the children responded to online and home teaching and it really was lovely to see them every day albeit virtually. We are so proud of each and every one of them.


We began the week doing lots of different art activities, the Peacock is no longer scrawny and is now in full bloom, our India map is rather detailed and we made some rather fabulous Mother’s Day cards. We spent quite a bit of time talking about why our families and friends are important to us and thought about the different reasons that make us a good friend.


We learned all about school life in India and thought of similarities and differences between the life of a schoolchild in India and one here in the UK.


On Monday afternoon we went for a walk down to the Church looking for signs of Spring. We spotted lots of daffodils, crocuses and blossom and even saw a sign warning us of frogs. We were very excited and walked towards the pond, but much to our disappointment we didn’t see any frogs. Mrs Hawkins did tell us that she had seen them refilling the pond a couple of weeks ago so knew there wouldn’t be any frogs yet.


Spellings for next week are on School Spider and Spelling Shed and I will continue to put them on both of those sites every week. The tests will still be every Friday morning. Please continue to update GoRead each time you read as it makes the changing of books and when we listen to the children read in school so much easier.


Have a great weekend and as always if you have any questions or anything you need to discuss with me please get in touch via the office or see if you can catch me at the end of the school day.


Have a great weekend!

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