Greys class 14th June

Date: 13th Jun 2019 @ 7:17pm

This week in Science we talked about what animals need to stay healthy and alive and talked about carnivores, herbivores and ominivores. We then created our own fact file of a specific dinosaur using books and ipads to research information. We used the skills that we have learned in Literacy to describe their appearances, habitats, diets and any interesting facts. Some of us even moved on to drawing and labelling our dinosaurs in detail.

We looked at the different landscapes in Kenya and compared them to those of the UK before using different materials to create collages of both Kenyan city and savannah landscapes, which we will continue with next week. We then recapped on the seven continents and shared our facts about different African countries which we had found out about for homework before talking about the type of clothes that we might take with us if we were to go on safari to Kenya and gave reasons why. Some of us listed the three most important things that we would need for our trip to Kenya ,forgetting our passport which we then realised would be a big mistake!

In Literacy we wrote reports as to why we thought Zahra deserved to win the African Gardener's Medal. We used expanded noun phrases to describe what Zahra looks like, exciting verbs and exclamation sentences to describe what she did and a variety of conjunctions to help our wrting flow. We then went on to describe the setting and brainstormed different verbs with adverbs and looked at how they could change the meaning of sentences.

In Maths The Year 2s have been looking at 3 digit numbers and place value, whilst the Year 1s have been revsiiting number bonds to 10, 20 and some 30 using subtraction and addition to find differences with number lines and number squares.

In French we have been busy counting and have now moved onto learning the months of the year.

We have been practising our poem for the Church service next Wednesday where we will be thinking about this term's value of Forgiveness. 

This week has been a particularly wet week and we would be grateful therefore if you could ensure that you have a coat and outdoor shoes in school every day.

On Monday we are off to Whipsnade Zoo and will need a packed lunch, water, waterproof coat and trainers. We aim to be leaving school at 8:45 latest so the children will need to be in the classroom for 8:30am please. If your child suffers with travel sickness please ensure that they have had the necessary medication before we leave school and inform either Mrs Hawkins or Mrs Clinkard that this has been administered.

Show and Tell next week is about Africa or Animals and habitats.

Tuesday - Kit

Wednesday - Phoebe

Thursday - Laila

Friday - Ruby

Have a lovely weekend.

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