Greys class 15th February

Date: 14th Feb 2019 @ 9:42pm

It's the end of another busy term and what fun we've had learning about the Queen and life in the 1950s!

This week we learned about the British Empire before finishing our topic with a mini quiz, role playing the Coronation, singing the National Anthem and then enjoying our very own street party. We prepared jelly on Tuesday afternoon and were surprised at how long it took the jelly to dissolve, but were delighted with the end results. On Wednesday morning we made fairy cakes and in the afternoon we had a production line making jam and Spam sandwiches, we were very surprised to discover that more than half the class loved spam sandwiches! It was a lovely way to end what has been a thoroughly enjoyable topic.

In Maths the Year 2s have been multiplying and dividing using the 2,5 and 10 times tables whilst the Year 1s have been doubling and halving numbers.

We continued to investigate "Why do elephants have big ears?" in Literacy and drew our own animals labelling them and writing captions to describe our labels. We thought of ways to explain echolocation and explained how different animals camouflage themselves in their habitats. We created our own creatures, labelling them in detail and then discussed in pairs what our creatures would need to survive in hot and cold habitats.

In RE we talked about belonging to a different communities and groups and how we can make our country a safer and cleaner place for everyone. We came up with some great ideas and designed posters to share our ideas.

In Phonics the Year 1s have been working on the alternative air,ear,ere sound and the Year 2s have been looking at words ending in ey.

Next term our topics will be " How will 5 a day help me to be healthy?" (Animals & humans) and "Which materials should the Three Little Pigs have used to build their house?" (Materials).

Show and Tell can be based on either of these topics

Monday - Phoebe

Wednesday - Laila

Thursday - Ruby

Friday - Amelie

The only homework next week is spellings and Reading.

Please remember that we have our trip to the River and Rowing museum on Tuesday 26th February and children will require a packed lunch. Please ensure that you have returned your signed forms.

Have a fabulous half term!

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