Greys class 17th January

Date: 17th Jan 2020 @ 3:20pm

Greys class have been working very hard in Maths this week. The Year 2s have been using number squares, beaded lines and number lines to add and subtract 2 digit numbers to and from a 2 digit number. We even moved onto trickier problems involving filling in missing numbers. The Year 1s have been working with money and finding different ways to make different amounts. This did prove a little tricky for some, so please feel free to practise playing with money and adding different coins together at home. The Year 1s also used number squares to add 10 to a 2 digit number.

In Literacy we have been reading different versions of Little Red Riding Hood and created Wanted posters for the Wolf. We thought of lots of different adjectives to describe him and will be looking at Little Red herself in more detail next week and the setting of the story. We also chose a version to role play in our groups which helped us remember the basic parts of the story better and helped us to decide which version we liked best. We will continue with this story next week and will be writing our own versions in Big Write.

It was lovely to share last week's homework of the toys that our parents and grandparents loved as children and we have some super posters on display in the classroom for all to see. We enjoyed comparing them to the toys of today and looking at their similarities and differences. We also thought of adjectives to describe old and new toys.

In PE we used hoops, beanbags and quoits to create our own games, which was so much fun. Some of us even added a points system into our games.  We then swapped groups and got to try each other's games.

Show and Tell next week is Toys and Games.

Tuesday - Ruby

Wednesday - Ted

Thursday - Maria

Friday - Lucien

Greys class will now be operating a class library within the classroom. Every week on a daily basis 5-6 children will have the opportunity to choose a book from the library to read at home in addition to their class reading book and this will be returned on the same day the following week in exchange for a new book. The children themselves have been organising the library and are looking forward to taking it in turn acting  as librarians .

The following link to the School website details some useful information regarding reading, both at School and home.

Have a lovely weekend!


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