Greys class 18th March

Date: 17th Mar 2022 @ 3:44pm

Well, we are halfway through the term already and how the time is flying by!


We read A New Home for a Pirate and learned lots of new vocabulary, and our class read is Meerkat Madness and the children are finding it extremely funny and enjoying listening during our daily storytime.


In Literacy we have continued with Beegu and have been thinking of adjectives to describe her personality and appearance, we wrote sentences to describe her feelings and reasons as to why she felt that way. We then created mind maps to plan our persuasive letters which we wrote to the horrible teacher in the story, trying to convince her to let Beegu stay at the school.


Maths has been challenging, but fun this week as we have gone fraction mad! The Year 1s have been working on halves of shapes and amounts and then progressed to quarters. The Year 2s, worked on halves, quarters and thirds and finished the week off identifying unit fractions. One of the games that the children enjoyed was


We learned all about Florence Nightingale and began by comparing the conditions of the hospitals in 1854 to the modern day. We were rather disgusted and horrified at how hospitals were before Florence Nightingale made the changes that she did. We then wrote fact files about Florence and were surprised to discover that she had a pet owl called Athena.


Book reviews next week will be Lily, Henry and Charlie. Templates can be found in the homework section of School spider or please feel free to create your own.






Children should read to an adult for 10-15 minutes each day, and as I have said before, the children that are doing this are making great progress in their reading and writing.




Year 1 - I have set sumdog challenges to include fractions, days of the week and months of the year.


Year 2- Personalised times tables challenges can be found on Sumdog and please feel free to practise using other additional sources.


Have a lovely weekend.

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