Greys class 18th October

Date: 17th Oct 2019 @ 7:11am

We have had a very exciting week with the arrival of the new playground equipment. A big thank you to FOPS for organising this for us. At the beginning of the week Mr Steele went through some guidelines as to how to use the equipment safely and we are now all enjoying playing on it and making sure that we help those smaller than us as well.

In music we are continuing our work about sounds that can heard in different environments.This week we thought about the sounds we might hear in a city.We learned the traditional song ‘London Bridge is Falling Down’. We then listened to a piece of music by George Gershwin called ‘An American in Paris’ and heard how the composer described the city by using different instruments in the orchestra.We could even hear some car horns in the music that painted a very clear picture of a busy Parisian street. We then got into groups and set out to create our own ‘soundscape’ to describe a city, using our voices, bodies and anything we could find in the classroom.We covered everything from beeping horns to squeaking brakes.

This week in Greys class we finished off weaving our magic carpets. We chose ribbons and beads to weave into the existing design and were very excited to see the carpets coming off the looms and being tied to actaully then look like our very own miniature flying carpets.

We shared our homework with each other and Mrs Hawkins was very impressed at those of us who were able to tell the class about their person who had had an impact on the Transport industry, as some of us reeled off even more facts than were on our posters!

We then went on to learn all about Geroge Stephenson who was known as the "Father of the Railways". We learned so much about his life and created our own factfiles about him after we had watched some video clips and did further research on the ipads. We continued with our train theme and looked at the progress of trains through the years and discussed the advantages and disadvantages of steam trains.

We read "The Train Ride' by June Crebbin and wrote noun phrases and expanded noun phrases to describe the things we would see from a journey on a steam train. The following day we used those phrases to create our own version of the story in the same style as June Crebbin.

In PE we practised our throwing skills using benabags and balls, aiming for a target and seeing which type of throw was the most successful. We also practised our balancing skills using a beanbag and played a mirror image game whereby we had to copy the exact moevments of our partner using a ball or beanbag.

In Maths we have been finding 1/2,1/4 and 3/4 of shapes before moving onto halving and doubling. Please remember that timestables tests for Year 2s are on Wednesdays so they will need their books in school on these days.

PE continues to be on Mondays and Wednesdays, so children will need to come into school wearing PE kit and school shoes, with trainers in their bags. If they do running club on Wednesday morning they will need a change of clothes as the wetter and muddier season approaches.

Show and Tell next week ( UK & Transport)

Monday - Phoebe

Tuesday - Rosamund

Wednesday - Sienna

Thursday - Josh

Friday - Esther

Have a lovely weekend!

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