Greys class 18th September 2020

Date: 18th Sep 2020 @ 2:51pm

We began the week with a very exciting Literacy lesson making marmalade sandwiches. Many of us weren’t too keen on trying the marmalade, but nearly all of us did and just like Paddington quite a few of us went home requesting marmalade sandwiches for tea. After the excitement of the sandwiches we began to write our instructions as to how to make them. We listed our ingredients and equipment and then wrote our method. We included time connectives and remembered to use capital letters and full stops, some of us even used adverbs to make our instructions sound more exciting.


In Maths we have continued our work with place value. The Year 1s have been writing missing numbers on number lines and have been working out 1 more or less than a number, before moving onto 2 more or less. The Year 2s have continued to understand how a 2 digit number is made of tens and ones and using different resources and strategies to help them work this out.


We have completed a few assessments this week and the Year 1s were amazing considering they hadn’t done anything like this before, taking it all in their stride and working so well whilst doing them.


In our Whole class reading lessons we read Voices in the Park by Anthony Browne and particularly enjoyed the different style of the story and the variety of illustrations to explore. We also looked at some of the activities on Anthony Browne’s website. Should you wish to explore these at home you may do so on It would be a great idea if you could borrow some Anthony Browne books from the library or see if you have any at home to read and compare them to Voices in the Park.


In Computing we continued to use a programme called sketch, and practised logging on and learning how to click and drag clip art pictures and making them bigger and smaller. We then clicked on different shapes to create layering effects. Should you wish to practice this at home you can do so on


In RE we talked about what a role model is and thought about what qualities we might admire in a role model. Lots of us mentioned our parents when we were talking about this.


In PE we warmed up with a game of Sharks and then practised throwing and catching underarm. The girls had a session with a coach from Rotherfield Football Club.


As it was such a lovely day we went outside for our Music lesson and continued working with ‘Timbre’ (quality of sound) and worked on rhythm. First by using the syllables in our names and then progressing by using phrases found in the story of The Three Little Pigs to develop rhythmic patterns.


Please remember that if you need to speak with me you can often catch me at the end of the day on a Monday, Tuesday and Friday or email the office and I can arrange to call you to discuss any concerns you may have.

Times tables will begin for Year 2s the week commencing 28th September and due to the Covid restrictions we will be using Sumdog for these. We will begin with the 10 times table learning them in order, then random order and then division related facts before moving onto the 2s. This is in order for the children to fully understand the concept of multiplication and division rather than rote learning. Logins will be sent out next week.


Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the sunshine.


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