Greys class 19th March

Date: 18th Mar 2021 @ 3:02pm

This week in Greys class we began the week by writing Springtime poems. We included lots of adjectives and exciting verbs to describe the signs of Spring that we saw on our walk last week and ones that we brainstormed in the lesson.


We then continued with Jamil’s Clever Cat and wrote similes to describe different animals, and then on Wednesday we wrote riddles describing some of those animals.


In Maths the Year 1s have been continuing on the capacity theme whilst the Year 2s have been looking at 3D shapes, counting their faces, edges and vertices and sorting them into different categories.

This week in our Art lesson we learnt some new brush strokes. In contrast to last week, where we focussed on fine detail using fine brushes,this week we used thick brushes. In so doing we were able to use a  ‘wash’ technique, with flowing long strokes using water and diluted paint to create a sunset background. Our knowledge of colour mixing  helped to produce some brilliant shades of yellow moving through orange to red.

We then designed a Howdah for our elephants then decorated them further with felt tip pens using different marks to create colourful intricate patterns. It was quite a challenge to apply grey pencil colour for the skin .It took a lot of concentration  to get this right, only pressing very lightly to evenly shade our elephant. The children  worked really hard at this technique showing skilful pencil work. The end result is amazing and our parade of elephants have made a beautiful new display in the classroom. 

We compared Indian and British foods and also looked at what makes Indian people proud. We looked at their culture and compared it to life here in the UK. We also learned all about the Taj Mahal and created our own mehndi patterns.


In RE Mrs Clinkard continued our topic lesson where we had begun talking about Holi, the festival of colour and took the children outside to create their own Holi rangoli patterns on the playground, which were amazing.


Spellings for next week are


Year 1















Year 2















This week I would like the children to practise their number bonds. Year 1s initially to 10 and once they are secure, move onto 20. We have played Number bond Challenge most days in class this week and the children are improving by the day, which is great. If you give them a number get them to work out how many more to make 10 or 20. Year 2, number bonds to 20 please. A good game to play is Hit the Button, which will also help them to improve their speed.


Year 1s, you can also continue to practice counting in 2s, 5s and 10s.


Year 2s will also need to practise their timestables, We have done a few mini assessments this week on timestables and I’m suggesting that the children start with their x2 until they are secure and then move onto dividing by 2. We will continue to test weekly in class and some alternative sites for practise could be…


Apps - Maths Pro and we use the Times table pro and Division pro


Have a great weekend!


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