Greys class 1st April

Date: 1st Apr 2022 @ 4:19pm

We have had a great week this week in Greys class and finished it off with a very exciting and fun filled Friday morning of football tournaments and activities. Well done to all of you who participated in the football tournaments.


In Literacy we have really enjoyed reading The Man on the Moon and sequenced the story before planning our diary entries and then writing them in full for our last Big Write with Mrs Hawkins. 


In Maths we have been finding the total of different amounts of money and finding the difference. We used number lines, bead strings and the partitioning method to help us.


On Tuesday we had our RE Day and talked about special people. We talked about leaders around us and what makes them good leaders and the team captains came in to answer our questions as to what it is like to be a leader at Peppard. We talked about the different roles that the Queen does in her role as the head of the Church of England and our royal family. We also talked about sporting leaders and the qualities they need to be good leaders. We finished the day listening to different miracles that Jesus performed as a leader and sequenced the Easter story.


Thank you to Talia, for sharing her tadpoles this week with us. The children were delighted to be able to look at them so closely and Talia was able to answer all of the questions that the children had regarding them.


Many thanks to the book reviews this week. Next week’s book reviews are Jack, Taylor, Molly and Rudi. You may use the template in the homework section on school spider or create one of your own.






I have set challenges for you all on Sumdog and you may also wish to try some of the adding and subtracting activities on or


Year 2 - I have set you an additional sumdog challenge focusing on adding and subtracting money.




Thank you to those of you who are reading every day, but can I please ask you to annotate the reading record each time you listen to your child read to ensure that we change the book when needed. When listening to the children read please do remember to ask questions to check their comprehension of vocabulary and of the story in general.


Have a lovely weekend and I look forward to seeing you all in our final week together.

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