Greys class 22nd November

Date: 21st Nov 2019 @ 5:35pm

It has been lovely to be back in class this week and a huge thank you for all the lovely messages, cards, gifts and flowers I received during my recovery. 

I have been so impressed with how well the children have learned their lines for the play at home and practising the songs in the classroom with Mrs Clinkard. It has made life this week so much easier and all of the children have been superstars in putting it all together in their performances. Over the next few days some words for songs will be coming home for some of the children, so if you could listen to them practise these that would be wonderful and much appreciated.

On Thursday we learned all about Charles Macintosh and his invention, before doing an experiment to find out which materials were absorbent and which were waterproof. We have also been investigating what materials different items of clothing are made from and their properties. We read the story 'Traction Man' and described his different outfits, detailing which materials they were made from and their advantages. We also thought about what would happen if one of Traction Man's outfits was made of a different material and the problems it might cause. We decided that a paper diving suit wouldn't be a good idea at all!

In PSHE we shared our thoughts on kindness and thought of examples when we have been kind and why it is so important to show kindness to others.

On Wednesday morning Mr Steele and Mrs Clinkard took us to Henley Hawks for a fun filled mornng of tag rugby, which we all thoroughly enjoyed.

In Maths the Year 1s have been adding single digit numbers to amounts up to 20 and understanding that we can make life a lot easier by switching 3+8 around to 8+3 as we soon realised that it took less time to count up if we put the biggest number first. The Year 2s have been coninuing to add and subtract 11,21,31,12,22 and 32 to and from 2 digit numbers using, number lines, beaded lines and number squares.

In Phonics the Year 1s have been investigating the alternative e sound (ey,ee,e,ea,ie) and the Year 2s have been looking at words that end in the igh sound spelt with a y.

Show and Tell next week is about Materials

Monday - Willow

Tuesday - Kit

Wednesday - Amelie

Thursday - Georgia

Friday - Teddy

Get well wishes go out to all of you who have been poorly this week and we hope to see you fit and well again next week.

Have a lovely weekend.

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