Greys class 23rd October

Date: 23rd Oct 2020 @ 12:19pm

The final week of term has arrived and although it has been a long term, the time has flown by and we have had lots of fun along the way.


We have continued with our Rapunzel theme in Literacy and have described the characters in the story and how they felt at different points of the story. We also rewrote the beginning, middle and end of the story on different days, which we found easier than writing all of the story in one session, it meant that we included more detail and didn’t forget any of the main points. We have all really enjoyed working on Rapunzel and traditional tales over the last few weeks.


We read a great story called Fairy Tale Pets by Tracey Corderoy and enjoyed spotting all the different fairy tale characters. We particularly enjoyed the ending of the story so much that we all predicted what could happen next and came up with some fantastic ideas.


In Maths the Year 1s have continued working on the different number bonds to 10 and thought about the different ways that they could make 4, 5, 6,7,8,9 and 10. They learned that if they put the numbers in sequence it ensured that they didn’t miss any out. Some of them drew the numbers on ladybirds to help, whilst others used counters, cubes or even their fingers. The Year 2s have been adding and subtracting 10 to and from 2 digit numbers, using different apparatus and number squares to help. Some of the children even moved on to adding and subtracting higher multiples of 10.


In Science we learned about how useful cement is and how it is made, before researching what materials our school is made from and their properties.

In DT we made our houses using our plans from last week and this proved a lot trickier than we originally thought, but we took them home and some of us are hoping to add to or maybe even improve them at home.

In Music this week we finished our work about ‘Timbre’ by comparing the quality of sounds that we are familiar with. We thought about the voices of our Mummies and Daddies and how although they can be similar they definitely have a different quality of sound. We then looked at some different musical instruments and sorted them into groups that made a similar sound. We very soon got very good at listening, identifying and describing different sounds they made. Our work on materials proved very useful when thinking about what the instruments were made from and how that changed the sound. Finally we created a class orchestra and played some rhythms on our instruments trying to keep together to make a musical sound.


In Art we looked at some fabulous pictures of trees at this time of year. It really was amazing to see such a variety of vivid colours. We decided to create our own autumnal tree pictures. We first drew around our hands to make tree branches and painted them brown. We had to take care to paint within the lines we had drawn. Next we used our fingertips to print yellow, orange and green spots to represent the leaves turning colour. Finally we created some brilliant leaf inspired designs in our sketchbooks focussing on strong lines and patterns.


Spellings to be tested on Friday 6th November are as follows;


Year 1













Year 2













If you could all continue to read over half term that would be fabulous. Both Henley and Sonning Common libraries are open and well worth a visit. Also, Year 2s if you can continue to practise your 10 times tables on Sumdog that would be super.


Well done on a great first term and I hope you all have a well-deserved break.




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