Greys class 24th January 2020

Date: 24th Jan 2020 @ 9:22pm

We had a lovely start to the week with a Question and Answer session with Mrs Downing, who comes into school most Monday mornings to listen to us read.We had prepared lots of questions to ask her about the toys and games she enjoyed playing with when she was a little girl. It was so interesting to listen to her telling us all about the games she used to play with her brothers and how different Christmas was.

We continued to read different versions of Little Red Riding Hood and began the week writing descriptions of Little Red or the character we had created ready for Big Write. We then drew our own settings and used these to help us write what we could see and hear, we thought about the time of day it was and used adejctives and similes to make our writing more interesting. We then created our story maps before finally writing our own versions in Big Write.

In Phonics the Year 1s have been playing different games to revise the alternative ow sound and the n, ng, gn and kn sounds. The Year 2s had the somehwat trickier task of learning the rule for doubbling the final consonant after a short vowel before adding a suffix.

In Maths we had so much fun weighing a variety of items. The Year 1s began by finding things that were heavier and llighter and then used cubes to work out how many they would need to balance different items. The Year 2s learned that 1000g is equivalent to 1kg and used different weightsand balance scales to measure accurately how many grams different tins weighed. They then used their new found skills to read scales.

This week was the first week of using our class library and our librarians have been very busy organising all the fiction books into alphabetical order, which was not the easiest task, but they were very proud of themselves when their mission was accomplished. Well done girls! They have been extremely efficient at helping children choose books and booking the books out. Books will be returned the following week on the same day that they took them home, the librarians will remind the children the day before they are due back. 

Show and Tell next week is Toys and Games

Tuesday - Lucien

Wednesday - Max

Thursday - Harry

Friday - Elsie

Have a lovely weekend!

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