Greys class 25th January

Date: 24th Jan 2019 @ 9:24pm

This week Greys class have been learning about how different life was in the 1950s. We created our own timeline of key events from 1953 to the present day and were amazed to discover how many different and interesting ones there were.

On Wednesday we had a super day at Windsor Castle. Unfortunately, the changing of the guards wasn't on but we did manage to see some of the soldiers marching and Mrs Waite was even brave enough to ask one if we could have our photo taken with him, it was very exciting. We then explored St George's Chapel and sat in the seats where the Royal family sat watching Prince Harry and Meghan get married. We even persuaded Mrs Waite and Mrs Mole to pretend to be Prince Harry and Meghan and we followed them down the aisle. We then made our way to the State apartments for our workshop entitled "Who is the Queen?" The lady was very impressed with the knowledge we already had about the Queen and Royal family and told us many more fascinating facts. Quite a few of us had the opportunity to dress up and reenact an inspection of the guards, a knighting ceremony and the Coronation itself. The children were very much in character for this role and provided pure entertainment to passing tourists. The highlight for many of us was seeing Meghan's actual wedding dress which was on display, alongside Prince Harry's, Prince Geroge's and Princess Charlotte's outfits. We had a great day and a big thank you must go to Mel for driving the minibus and our fabulous helpers; Mrs Waite, Mrs Kent and Mrs Mole.

In Maths the Year 1s have been adding and subtracting using their knowledge of number bonds and doubling and halving numbers whilst the Year 2s have been adding and subtracting single digits to and from 2 digit numbers crossing 10s. They have used a number of resources to help them including number squares and beaded lines, with some of them even drawing their own number lines.

In Literacy we finished our non-chronological reports about Sea turtles. We then read 'The Queen's Knickers' and wrote our own endings to the story.

The Year 1s have been looking at the alternative ow,ou,ough sounds in Phonics, whilst the Year 2s have been looking at the /or/ sound spelt with an a before l or ll.

In French we revisited our days of the week song and matched the English words to the French.

On Thursday we all brought in 25g of our chosen ingredient to add to our bread rolls. We had everything from chocolate chips and raisins to nutella, olives, milk, honey and salted caramel dark chocolate to name but a few. We then evaluated what went well and how we overcame any problems we faced. Ecerybody seemed very pleased with their creations and we are looking forward to making scones next week. Should you wish to add cheese or sultanas please bring in 25g on Thursday.

Show and Tell next week is about the 1950s or the Queen.

Monday - Beau

Tuesday - Daisy

Wednesday - Sammy

Thursday - Lyra

Friday - Ted


Have a lovely weekend!


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