Greys class 26th November

Date: 26th Nov 2021 @ 2:55pm

This week has been a busy week as we are practising the play all the way through without scripts. Many thanks to all of you who have taken the time to practise with the children at home, it has indeed given them the confidence to perform in front of others and it has been so lovely to see them doing it with a smile on their faces as well! Please continue to practise daily as we do have limited practise times within school.


In Maths this week we have been adding amounts of money and the Year 2s even progressed to adding pounds and pence. We then moved onto 2d shapes. The Year 1s were identifying circles, triangles, squares and rectangles and the Year 2s also identified pentagons, hexagons and octagons, which proved rather tricky when they were irraegular versions of these shapes. They practised counting the sides and vertices of the different shapes.  Should you feel inclined to practise which shapes have 5, 6 or 8 sides at home please continue to do so. A good game to practise on is


In Literacy we finished our unit on Traction Man and wrote our own adventures for Traction Man. We then watched a short film of Mrs Claus delivering presents and thought of important people in our lives, their interests and what presents we could buy them. We will be continuing with this next week and writing our own letters to Mrs Claus asking for presents for other people rather than ourselves.


In Phonics the Year 1s have been working on split digraphs; a-e, o-e, u-e, i-e and the Year 2s have been working on spelling words with the /igh/ sound at the end spelt with a y.


In Art we designed covers for the programme for the Nativity play, whilst in Computing we learnt what an algorithm is and wrote an algorithm for a dinosaur game, thinking about what keys we would need to use on a keyboard to make the dinosaur move and do things like jump or roar. We then acted these movements out to see if we could follow the instructions.


In PSHE we talked about how we show kindness to others and gave examples of how we can be kind and when we ourselves have been kind and how that has mad either other person feel.


The children are very excited by our trip to Science Oxford  on Tuesday next week and could I ask that if you haven’t already done so to return your consent forms to the office. We will be leaving at 9am prompt and returning before the end of the day, so if children can be in class by 8:45 on that morning it would be appreciated. As detailed in my original email the children will need a waterproof coat, packed lunch and water bottle.


Further to my email can I please remind you that we would like to have all costumes in school by Wednesday 1st December


Many thanks to Noah and Francesca for their book reviews this week.


Next week’s book reviews are Ezra, Talia and Barney. Templates can be found in the homework section on Spider or please feel free to create your own.




Please, please, please continue to practise your lines for the play.




Year 1 - 10 minutes daily on your Sumdog challenges that I have set working on money and shape.


Year 2 - Please spend 10 minutes daily on your current times table.




Continue to read for 10 minutes daily and an adult needs to update the reading record accordingly.


Have a lovely weekend.

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