Greys class 27th September

Date: 27th Sep 2019 @ 6:58am

Another week has flown by in Greys class and what a busy week it's been!


We have been consolidating our knowledge of the UK by creating posters and then we listened to the story Gregory Cool Mrs Hawkins read the story to us and we kept stopping at each page to think of in which ways Tobago was different to life in the UK. We couldn't believe how many differeces and similarities there were. We then used ipads to create fact files of Tobago and worked in pairs to do this. There was some excellent teamwork going on with Year 2s ensuring that Year1s were getting down as many facts as they were. We finished the week off with a Big Write, writing diary entries from Gregory's perspective.

Earlier in the week we wrote senses poems describing life in a town or city and it was lovely to see how much more detail we added to these, having already done the countryside ones last week. We are looking forward to seeing them on display in the classroom.

Maths has been a busy, noisy and fun week with lots of measuring. The Year 1s have been measuring in beads and cubes, and then ordering the measurements. They then moved onto finding objects that were shorter than, longer than and about the same length as a metre. The Year 2s have been measuring in decimetres and centimetres and again ordering their amounts but also estimating the measurement before they measured accurately. Towards the end of the week, the Year 1s began to work with symmetry and were very precise at drawing and creating symmetrical patterns on butterflies and the Year 2s worked on direction, getting used to creating a set of  instructions with the correct directional terminology. Hopefully, everyone now knows their left from right.

We continued with our weaving theme and have this week been weaving magic carpets with wool.

 In French we have learned how to answer when someone asks, "Comment t'appelles tu?"

Please accept our apologies for the spellings mix up at the beginning of the week and please don't worry if you haven't had as much time to practise this week due to this.

We are off to the Literary Festival on Monday and Brooklands Museum the following Monday, so please ensure that all consent forms are returned.

Show and Tell ( UK and Transport)

Monday - Lucien

Tuesday - Max

Wednesday - Harry

Thursday - Elsie

Friday - Summer

Have a lovely weekend!


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