Greys class 29th March

Date: 29th Mar 2019 @ 6:49am

Welcome to another week in Greys class.

This week we continued to write about our worries and chose one particular worry that we had and thought of how we could overcome it. We used lots of different adjectives to describe how we felt and then shared our stories with each other to help us edit and see how we could improve them. We then began our new poetry topic and read a poem called Imagine if.. whereby we then went on to change some of the lines to make them our own which was great fun.

In Maths the Year 1s have had a rather challenging week adding numbers by bridging 10 and the Year 2s have been adding and subtracting 2 digit numbers using a variety of methods.

A big thank you to Alex Gregory who came along to talk to us about how important it is to eat healthily and exercise regularly. We asked lots of questions and really enjoyed watching his Olympic wins and seeing his medals.

In Science we did a few actvities and monitored our heart rate. At the beginning of the session most of us couldn't even feel our pulse, but after each session of exercise we were amazed at how strong and quickly it increased. We then brainstormed different sports and actviites that we do to keep fit and were surprised at how many we managed to come up with.

We made some items of furniture for our houses and then evaluated what went well and how we could improve upon them for next time.

On Thursday morning we went along to Kidmore End for a football festival which was great fun and everyone played with great sportsmanship and camaraderie. Thank you to the parents who came along to support us.

Show and Tell next week is Materials or Animals & Humans/ Healthy Living

Monday - Annabelle

Tuesday - Elsie

Wednesday - Sophie

Thursday - Ellie

Friday - Kit

Have a lovely weekend!

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