Greys class 5th April

Date: 8th Apr 2019 @ 8:42pm

The Easter holidays have finally arrived and what another busy term we have had! 

This week we have been measuring liquids in Maths and now know that 1000ml is equivalent to 1 litre. We estimated how many cups it would take to fill various containers and then measured accurately to see if we were correct. We used some of our results to create bar charts and pictograms and then answered questions relating to the information we had collected.

In Science we went on a hunt around the school naming the different materials that our school is made from and their properties. We read the story of The Three Little Pigs and split into teams to create houses made from straw, wood and brick to see which was the strongest and would stay up if we all pretended to be the Big Bad Wolf and blow the house down. The brick house was definitely the strongest and the straw house was incredibly difficult to build.

On Wednesday morning we were joined by Peppard class and we read Oliver's Fruit Salad before researching which countries the fruits we had brought in came from and why. We then practised our cutting, peeling, slicing and chopping skills to create our own fruit salad which was delicious! Some of us tried fruits that we had nver tried before and absolutely loved them.

In Literacy we created our own nonsense poems using alliteration, repetition and rhyme. We then practised reading tongue twisters and performed them to everyone, it was lots of fun!

We finished our term off with the annual Easter egg roll and we're now looking forward to lots more eggs over the holidays!

There will be no homework over the holidays just spellings and reading, so please ensure that spelling books are in school on the first day back as that is when we will be having our weekly test.

Show and Tell first week back is about Materials

Tuesday - Annabelle

Wednesday - Phoebe

Thursday _ Laila

Friday - Ruby


Have a fabulous Easter!

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