Greys class 5th July

Date: 5th Jul 2019 @ 8:26am

In Maths this week the Year 1s began by doubling and halving numbers before moving on later into the week into looking at multiplication by putting items into sets of. The Year 2s were looking at different ways to solve multiplication problems, building on all the strategies they have learned over the year.

In Literacy we have been analyising rhyme and pattern in a variety of poems, working in pairs and groups. We have also learned some of the poems by heart using actions to help us to remember the order of the verses. We were amazed at how quickly we learned some of the poems, it was a lot of fun.

In Geography we used compass points and directions to follow instructions using a map to find different animals on an African safari and then in Science we talked about local habitats and designed either a woodland or pond habitat, ensuring that we had included food and shelter for the animals who would live there.

We have continued to practise Peter Pan and are now all ready for the real perfomances on Monday. Please remember to arrive in school uniform, but bring your costumes with you on Monday to the Kenton Theatre, along with a packed lunch and water bottle.

PE next week will only be on Wednesday due to us not being in school on Monday. I apologise for the repetition but, can you please ensure that children have full PE kit in school every day including trainers and a water bottle.

Show and Tell next week ( Africa and animals & habitats)

Tuesday - Charlie

Wednesday - Darcy

Thursday - Beau

Friday - Lyra

Have a lovely weekend!


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